15 March 2016

Martin Scorsese Paints An 'Masterpeice' In Kurosawa's

What happens when 2 of greatest Film Auteur's /masters of cinema come together in one film? Answer is Akira Kurosawa's Dreams which Martin Scorsese stars as the Dutch master of art Vincent Van Gogh,

We may argue until we're blue in the face about the deserving of the 'Auteur'  title but both filmmakers have  back catalogues that are loved, cherished and respected worldwide. Their visual style language has inspired many generations of filmmakers and will for generations to come, many actors flock to star or starred in their films, they are film royalty.

Dreams is an surrealist peace of film, consisting 8 vignettes which Kurosawa wrote  and  'Crows' is the piece that get's our attention. It's a story of an art student (probably based on the director) which the student is admiring 3 paintings by Van Gogh. He's mesmerized by the strokes and the construction of the paintings which see him be drawn into one of the paintings leading him to meet Van Gogh (Scorsese) in a field creating another painting.

Whilst the three masters have their ways that make them unique, universally they know how to deliver satisfaction to our artistic thirst. Great minds think alike , enjoy the clip....

source: Openculture

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