5 May 2016

Vincent Cassel Is A Jerk In UK Trailer For Mon Roi (My King)

Studiocanal have sent us the UK trailer for Mon Roi, which will be released in cinemas on May 27th and you'll see in the promo Vincent Cassel is such a jerk, but why? In the words of Richard Ashcroft and The Verve, "The Drugs Don't Work"

Directed by Maïwenn, and starring Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Bercot, and Louis Garrel, Mon Roi tells the story of Tony, who is admitted to a rehabilitation centre after a serious ski accident. Dependent on the medical staff and pain relievers, she takes time to look back on a turbulent relationship that she experienced with Georgio. Why did they love each other? Who is this man that she loved so deeply? How did she allow herself to submit to this suffocating and destructive passion? For Tony, a difficult process of healing is in front of her, physical work which may finally set her free.

Last week I reviewed Demolition for The Peoples Movies, a film of a man unravelling due to an event (car crash which cost his wife's life) showing how someone copes with loss. We adore Vincent Cassel, so diverse and always delivers something worth watching even if the film wasn't the greatest.

The film was nominated for a raft of César and Lumières Awards.Maïwenn is becoming one of those actors proving they have talent not just in front of the camera but also behind it, Ben Affleck is probably best recent example.In 2011 her police drama Polisse was a Jury Prize winning film at Cannes before gaining 13 César Award nominations (French Oscars). Mon Roi actually saw Emmanuelle Bercot win the Cannes Film festival 2015 Best Actress prize at last years Cannes Film Festival, an award she jointly won with Rooney Mara for Carol.And yes Maïwenn was that singing blue alien in The Fifth Element!

Mon Roi (My King) will get an limited UK release on 27th May. [source The Peoples Movies]

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