29 June 2016

Film Review - The Colony (2016)

Fearless, moving and stunningly chilling.

Signature Entertainment presents this outstandingly stunning historical drama, thriller starring Emma Watson.

In a desperate attempt to find her lost boyfriend Lena (Emma Watson) has to voluntarily give herself to a cult known as “Colonia” as she is told her Boyfriend was taken there. Once reunited, however the couple have to fight for their survival. Escaping this prison camp might be the death of them.

The Colony (AKA Colonia) is without a doubt one of the best films of the year so far for me. As a die hard Emma Watson fan I will pretty much watch anything she is in. After seeing this film I can safely say I can see a possibly Oscar in her future.

Although the Harry Potter world ended many years ago now, this was a massive difference from the usual films we have seen Watson in. It was gritty, brutal and stunning!

Everything about this film was top class. The cinematography was on point, the atmosphere was pitch perfect.

I love the road Emma Watson has taken with her career, taking on very daring roles, this being the darkest. I for one can not wait to see what she does next!

Although this film is tagged as a drama it certainly made me see it as more of a Thriller with the very dark themes and the action backed scenes.

There is not much bad I can really say about this film, though at time it did drag a little and there were scenes that I felt were just filler space to explain why, what and how, which to be fair in the end overall I can see why they were there.

I can not wait to see this film get its DVD and Blu-ray release. I have heard so many reviewers slaughter this film, I honestly don’t know why I loved it and would recommend it to anyone (over the age of 15).

My finally thought are go see this film! Its one worth having in the collection – I for sure will be picking this up in August.

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★★★★ | Ross Wilcock

History, Drama | Germany, 2015 | 15 | Signature Entertainment | 1st July 2016 (UK) | Dir.Florian Gallenberger | Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl, Michael Nyqvist, Richenda Carey | The Colony Bundle


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