20 September 2016

DVD Review - The Bunker (2016)

Eerie, chilling and hauntingly brilliant.

In The Bunker, Ella (Mischa Barton) is convinced her soon to be husband is cheating on her, but with no evidence shes stuck in a paranoid frenzy until her friend Molly (Emily Atack) comes with her to investigate her fiance storage locker. When they get there however they discover a terrifying truth about the storage facility which leaves then fighting for their lives in a game of cat and mouse.

I was so excited to hear that this film was getting a DVD release in the UK. I actually got to see it back in February 2015 at Glasgow Fright Fest when it was under its original title “The Hoarder” which I believe it is still under in some countries. I totally loved it.

I am a casual fan of Mischa Barton, by that I mean I do enjoy some of her films but I do not seek them out.

A personal favourite of mine was the 2009 Misery re telling “Homecoming” which she starred in along side “Hills Have Eyes 2” and “Prom Night” star Jessica Stroup. And of course I was a massive fan of The OC. I was so excited to re watch this film and I had so much expectation from what I remembered of the film.

So lets get into the film then. I am just going to begin with the negatives to get them out of the way.
I will be honest in saying the acting is not great in this film. It was very wooden and there was moments of sheer emotionless reactions from many actors. However as the film went on I found that the acting did for sure pick up a lot especially with Mischa Barton who has a reputation of being a little stale in her acting. Surprisingly though I found that she done a pretty decent job, for the most part, she did really show that she is perfect for the horror genre. I will be honest I do want to see her in more horror films. I have seen one of her recent thriller attempts “Into The Dark” or its US title “I Will Follow You Into The Darkness” which was released through Metrodome on DVD here in the UK.

That was also not a bad film. The Bunker or as I prefer to call it “The Hoarder” is a very well made and well executed horror film, I thought the film achieved what it set out to do and done it very well. It was very chilling and this was helped by the setting and score of the film which made everything very eerie.

I particularly enjoyed the chase sequences with Mischa Barton and the “thing” those scenes, I thought, were filmed very very well.

I have a lot of respect for this film, although the film has some terribly acted moments. I do think it is one for the Halloween season and should be seen as a fun horror experience.

Overall I think this is a fun mindless horror film that can be put on when you are with your friends or something to kick off you season of horror films.

Great job from the director and a decentish job from the actors.

★★★| Ross Wilcock

Horror, Thriller | UK, 2015 | 15 | Precision Pictures | 19th September 2016 (UK) | Dir.Matt Winn | Mischa Barton, Robert Knepper, Charlotte Salt | Buy:The Bunker [DVD]

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