9 September 2016

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Pulse (Kairo) Getting Arrow Video December Release

Here at Cinehouse and our main site The Peoples Movies adore Japanese Horror (aka J-Horror) and are like kids on Christmas Day when a new one arrives.There's nothing better when the classics get a re-release like next month's Hideo Nakta's atmospheric Chiller Dark Water been released next month. Arrow Video will be releasing that horror classic that in tine for Christmas they will release another one of the finest J-Horrors of all time Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Pulse (Kairo)!!!

Award-winning filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa delivered one of the finest entries in the J-Horror cycle of films with this moody and spiritually terrifying film that delivers existential dread along with its frights. Setting his story in the burgeoning internet and social media scene in Japan, Kurosawa's dark and apocalyptic film foretells how technology will only serve to isolate us as it grows more important to our lives.

A group of young people in Tokyo begin to experience strange phenomena involving missing co-workers and friends, technological breakdown, and a mysterious website which asks the compelling question, "Do you want to meet a ghost?" After the unexpected suicides of several friends, three strangers set out to explore a city which is growing more empty by the day, and to solve the mystery of what lies within a forbidden room in an abandoned construction site, mysteriously sealed shut with red packing tape.

Featuring haunting cinematography by Junichiro Hayashi (Ring, Dark Water), a dark and unsettling tone which lingers long after the movie is over, and an ahead-of-its-time story which anticipates 21st century disconnection and social media malaise, Pulse is one of the greatest and most terrifying achievements in modern Japanese horror, and a dark mirror for our contemporary digital world.

This is probably our favourite of J-Horrors that found their way onto UK&Irish shores, which also found itself a American remake. 2006 starring a young Kristen Bell who was coming off the back off the end off her popular Veronica Mars TV Show. The film also starred Pop singer Christina Milan, Ian Somerhalder (Lost, Vampire Diaries) and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer.  Fans of Japanese cinema may recognise a few of the actors like Kôji Yakusho (13 Assassins, Babel, Memoirs Of A Geisha)Koyuki (The Last Samurai, Blood: The Last Vampire).

15 years Kurosawa's film is ever more relevant a technology and Social media is ever more part of our lives sometimes making it hard to tell the difference between reality and virtual Reality. Pulse is getting an UK&Irish Blu-ray release on 5th December, Arrow are to release this in USA too however that date has yet to be confirmed.

Pre-order Pulse Dual Format [Blu-ray] Here. Check out the wonderful extras Arrow have in store for you!

•High Definition digital transfer
•High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
•Original 5.1 audio (DTS-HD on the Blu-ray)
•New optional English subtitle translation
•New interview with writer/director Kiyoshi Kurosawa
•New interview with cinematographer Junichiro Hayashi
•The Horror of Isolation: a new video appreciation featuring Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett (Blair Witch, You’re Next)
•Archive ‘Making of’ documentary, plus four archive behind-the-scenes featurettes
•Premiere footage from the Cannes Film Festival
•Cast and crew introductions from opening day screenings in Tokyo
•Trailers and TV Spots
•Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Tommy Pocket

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