13 February 2017

DVD Review - Eloise (2017)

Eloise is the newest direct to DVD Horror release from Signature entertainment. Released on February 6th and starring Eliza Dushku (Wrong Turn) and Chase Crawford (Gossip Girl).

Following four friends, who break into an abandoned insane asylum to track down a document which would benefit the group greatly. Unknown to them know, past resident of the Asylum still haunt the halls and they do not like visitors. Also featuring Robert Partick.

Being a mega Eliza Dushku fan for many years, watching her work on Joss Whedon shows Buffy and Dollhouse and her many starring roles through the years from Bring It On the to the Wrong Turn. I was very excited to see her new venture into the horror genre once again.

I haven’t been too familiar with Chase Crawford, though I have seen him in the horror film the Covenant, which he was great in. So going into this I did have expectations, though I wanted to remain open minded as I know that direct to DVD films are not always great. However, in this case, the film was actually pretty decent. In my research, I watched and read are other reviews n the film – with the film getting a limited theatrical US release there were a few reviews to go on. And in this research, I found mainly positive feedback on the film with many people stating that although not great, the film was pretty entertaining.

I can not agree more.

This is a very by the book horror film, and there is nothing wrong with that as I feel that the film really owns that status. It knew what it was trying to be and went with it. It was a fun and enjoyable ride and there were many real scares in the film.

I find that in a lot of direct to DVD horror films the acting isn’t great, in this film I found the acting to be pretty good considering the film quality.

Also, the film was very well constructed and caught me off guard as we as I really didn't see where the film was going. I found that interesting as I went into it thinking it was going to be a generic haunted house sort fo film and ended up finding a film that really plays with your mind and leaves you with a wow feeling.

I wasn’t expecting what I saw and for that, I need to give the film credit. The more I think about this film the more I like it.

Like I say being an Eliza Dushku fan, I know I wouldn’t be disappointed, she's always been in films that are at least decent, so far I have yet to see one of her films that I did not like.

As for Chase Crawford, that man is extremely handsome so I shall be watching out for more of his films in future!

Great release from Signature though I do feel that they should look into adding additional features to their releases as I feel it would add something a little more to the releases.

All in all enjoyable enough film I would say give it a watch it lands on Netflix or you see it cheap.

Eloise is a very short fun, chilling and an interesting twist.

★★★★| Ross Wilcock

Horror, thriller | USA, 2016 | 15 | 6th February 2017 (UK) | Signature Entertainment | Dir.Robert Legato | Chace Crawford, Robert Patrick, Eliza Dushku

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