3 April 2017

Write For Cinehouse

Cinehouse has opened it's doors and is looking for creative writers to join our writing team, are you the one? We are the sister site of The Peoples Movies and cover the opposite of what they cover, the alternative side of Hollywood. From World Cinema to Arthouse, Classic film to cult film, not forgetting everything in between from Horror to Anime, Experimental to short film.

We're looking for fantastic writers who share a passion for these genre and more, bursting with ideas, creativity, passion. Your posts, articles and reviews will be entertainment, refreshing but also able to spark a debate. You will have 100% creative license on what you write as long as your constructive.

As a Cinehouse writer you will get a chance to review some of the latest  World Cinema/Arthouse/Indie releases (cinema and home release, short movies) in special previews (London and Glasgow ), DVD/Bluray screeners or online links. You'll help post trailers,  news stories but also a chance to create your own writing. A chance to write about topics within the genres covered by the site through articles, features and essays. Or are someone who loves vlogging on Youtube or podcasting? You don't have to work on all the above mentioned if its a certain area you want to concentrate we'll be happy you to do that too. There will always be chances to help out at The Peoples Movies too.

We can't offer the world or any financial rewards, however, if you're looking to improve your CV or a base to work from we can help you there. Below is a form please fill in the form to the best you can , freelancers are welcomed (some rules apply).

Myself, Sandra and Scott look forward to you joining us, good luck!

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