3 November 2017

The Upper Class Bubble Bursts In The UK Trailer For Michel Haneke's Happy End

When Michael Haneke and Happy End are in the same sentence there is no chance in hell it will end Happy. After a critical success on the film festival network for most of 2017, The Austrian Auteur's next movie is ready to be unleashed in the UK, Curzon Artificial Eye has released the UK Trailer.

A Upper-class French family stuck in their bourgeois bubble as the bubble bursts they get a taste of life out the bubble. Sadistically dark, blatantly preposterous and farcical that gives a new look at the current refugee crisis.

Master auteur Michael Haneke (Amour, The White Ribbon, Hidden) returns with Happy End, a biting satire on bourgeois family values set in the shadow of the European refugee crisis. Featuring a cast of top acting talent, including Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mathieu Kassovitz and Toby Jones, it’s a piercing dark comedy on the blind preoccupations of middle-class angst.
When her mother falls ill under mysterious circumstances, young Eve (Fantine Harduin) is sent to live with her estranged father’s relatives in Calais. The Laurent family – wealthy, neurotic and self-obsessed – own a lucrative construction company and live in a sprawling mansion house, waited on by servants. But trouble is brewing, as a series of intergenerational back-stabbings threaten to tear the family apart. Meanwhile, distracted by infidelities and betrayals, they fail to notice that their new arrival has a sinister secret of her own.
Nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Happy End bears all the hallmarks of Haneke’s uniquely stark and unsympathetic style. Pairing pitch-black humour with chillingly precise direction, it’s proof – if we ever needed it – that he remains one of modern cinema’s true visionaries.

Happy End will be released cinematically and digitally in the UK and Ireland from 1st December 2017.The movie stars Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mathieu Kassovitz, Fantine Harduin, Franz Rogowski, Laura Verlinden, and Toby Jones.

Source: Curzon Artificial Eye

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