9 November 2017

Wheelchair Gangs Will Kills On Wheels This January

Eureka Entertainment to release Kills On Wheels, an original and nuanced dark comedy, as part of its new Montage Pictures range in a Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition on 15 January 2018.

The second feature film from director Attila Till, Kills on Wheels is an inventive, action-packed coming-of-age story of friendship, loyalty and revenge.

Zoli and Barba are inseparable friends and outcasts. Both physically disabled, they live in a rehabilitation facility where life seems rather aimless. Zoli needs life-saving surgery but doesn’t want his absent father to pay out of guilt and pity. Enter Rupasov, a mysterious wheelchair-using man newly released from prison. He quickly adopts the two friends and offers them a chance to make some extra money by helping him in his work. That work, however, is murder. Rupasov is a hitman.

Inspired by his own experiences working as a volunteer for disabled people, director Attila Till skilfully blends reality with fantasy as he offers a gentle probe into the lives of those who live on the edge of society.

The movie received a limited Cinema release in the UK, check out the Trailer

Here's what some of the press had to say about Kills On Wheels...

The world isn't overburdened with Hungarian wheelchair comedy-thrillers but on the strength of this darkly delightful effort from Attila Till... it could do with a few more.” – The Times

An entertaining, ingenious and above all wholly un-patronising take on an often mishandled subject.” – Sight & Sound

A highly enjoyable and nuanced dark comedy with a satisfying depth of emotion.” – Little White Lies

A film that initially offers guilty pleasure thrills ultimately reveals its softer, more sentimental side. Kills On Wheels manages to cast aside the straitjacket of political correctness and treat disability issues with humour, understanding and inventiveness. It is a film that sends the viewer out with a warm hug of an ending” - Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

We reviewed Kills On Wheels back in August for its Cinema release, check out Sandra Harris Review.

Kills On Wheels will be released on Blu-ray on 15th January 2018, starring Szabolcs Thuróczy, Zoltán Fenyvesi, Ádám Fekete.

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