17 January 2018

Watch Neon Cinema's Tribute To Denis Villeneuve

In past few months I decided to separate my movie blogs The Peoples Movies and Cinehouse, create my own personal twitter account. It was like a clean slate which was about everything I have a view on, even film and I came across Neon Cinema Youtube Channel. A fantastic channel from a London based aspiring filmmaker who creates 'film tributes'. Everything from Screen disasters, Hitman, The Hunt, acting,etc..

This week they posted a 'Tribute To Denis Villeneuve' video essay. The video showcases the Canadian filmmaker's versatility through various genres whilst showcasing humanity.  This Saturday 20th January Villeneuve's 'breakout' Hollywood movie Sicario will make it's TV Network premiere on Channel 4 (9pm). To celebrate that upcoming premiere you can enjoy Neon Cinema's Villeneuve Tribute...

A tribute to probably the best director of this generation, Denis Villeneuve. A filmography ranging from science fiction to dramas to even psychological horrors, this directors versatility is astounding. The Oscar nominated director has managed to show us humanity in morbid and tragic situations, showing us what it means to be human. Through each of his films, amazing stories, cinematography and attention to detail is apparent. There's an untold amount of lessons we can learn through his films. Hopefully 2018 will be the year that Denis takes the Oscar for best Director. Comment below any other tribute/montage you would like to see.
source: Neon Cinema

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