8 February 2018

Watch The Trailer For Bloodlands Albania's First Horror!

We do love firsts and Steven Kastrissios' Bloodlands is a first, it's the first horror feature film from Albania! Yes, Albania!

Steven's name may sound familiar to some of you, as he was the director of the  2009 Australian revenge movie The Horseman. A movie that gained some impressive reviews, now he's stepped into the Balkans and Albania. A tale of 'blood feuds' amongst feuding families, played by Albanian actors delivering something truly unsettling.

February 2017, Steven brought his latest movie to the Glasgow Film Festival and to Horror Channel Frightfest Glasgow where it made it's World Premiere. One year on the film has just been released in the UK & Ireland and Steven has sent us the official Trailer.

The film plays as a dark fairy tale following an isolated family wrestling with old traditions in modern Albania. They’ve all heard rumours of a witch lurking in the mountains with her mysterious clan but none dared believe it. The family must come together and unite when the witch incites a blood feud against them.

It is available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Youtube, Google Play, Xbox & Playstation stores with Vimeo offering the exclusive Digital Collectors Edition, featuring the ‘Making Of’ documentary.

Bloodlands is available now, starring Gëzim Rudi, Emiljano Palali, Suela Bako.

UPDATE 13th February 2018 - Over at our main site The Peoples Movies, you can read a review of Bloodlands.

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