12 July 2018

Cine Asia Release Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings UK Trailer

Chinese filmmaker Tsui Hark (The Taking of Tiger Mountain, Once Upon a Time in China, The Banquet)Not have had the best of times in Hollywood. But like many great directors sometimes the best step is to head home. Hark returns to the Detective Dee franchise again with, Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings.

After The Phantom Flame when we first met Older Dee (Andy Lau) since then Mark Chao has taken the lead role, now he returns for another epic adventure. CineAsia will be giving the film a limited UK Cinema release and we have the UK Trailer...

In this historical martial arts epic, Detective Dee (Mark Chao, Young Detective Dee, Monga) is appointed by Emperor Gaozong to protect the Tang Dynasty from rival Empress Wu (Carina Lau, 2046, Days of Being Wild) and is bestowed with the magical Dragon Taming Mace. Wu orders Yuchi Zhenjin (Feng Shaofeng, Wolf Totem, White Vengeance) of the Golden Gard to recruit five mystics and task them with stealing the threatening Mace, the consequence of which is capital punishment for Dee.
Storming the Department of Investigation, Wu orders a demonstration of sorcery power which goes horrifically wrong with deadly consequences. In the confusion, Yuchi Zhenjin is seen killing colleagues of the Golden Gard. It falls to Detective Dee to solve the puzzle and redress the balance of power to save the Tang Dynasty.
Legendary director Tsui Hark (The Taking of Tiger Mountain, Once Upon a Time in China, The Banquet) returns to direct the third film in the immensely successful series, which has racked up over USD$200m at the box office and bagged 20+ major award nominations with a star-studded cast that is just as award-worthy.

Cine Asia presents Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings in selected UK cinemas(for listings go to film's website) from 27th July 2018.

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