9 July 2018

Watch The Trailer debut for indie horror/comedy Slaughterhouse Slumber Party

Everyone loves a good old slumber party? Dustin Wayde Mills does and he's sent us the first Trailer for his upcoming Slaughterhouse Slumber Party. It's a passion project for Mills and his crew and he hopes to take the viewers back to the 1980's with a film with an homage to supernatural comedies and horrors such as Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice and Slumber Party Massacre.

This is indie horror on a zero budget, that doesn't mean to say you should ignore it. If anything especially those who call themselves horror fans should support it. They have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to finish production and created this concept trailer to give you an idea what the film may look like. It's not a trailer you would play in front of your granny or at work, it's strictly NSFW!

It runs at 6 minutes long and does also have an intro from Mills himself and how you can support the film.

A group of gorgeous gal pals are horrified when one of their friends dies in a tragic naked pillow fight accident during their annual Slumber Party. Fearing legal repercussions, the ladies dump her body in a swamp and forge a runaway letter. Years later, the girls reunite to boob it up one more time with a saucy Slumber Party for the ages, only to have their party pooped by the vengeful spirit of their dear departed friend. Trapped by magic, surrounded by evil, and very underdressed, will they survive the night? Or will this Slumber Party become a Slaughterhouse?

If you like to donate to the film's Kickstarter fundraising you can right here at this link.

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