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20 March 2015

MUBI Selects - Friday 20th March 2015

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The weekend  has arrived  it's time for 2 days of relaxation, chill out the hard slog of the week is now over and refuel your brain with sophistication and MUBI Selects.

In our second weekly 'Mubi Selects' we've teamed with MUBI the purveyors of great cinema online curating a great selection of cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies. It's an international community discovering wonderful intelligent thought provoking films MUBI is your passport to those great films.

MUBI unleash great new films every week and in our MUBI Selects we've picked  a selection of those great movies  help you enjoy that lazy weekend you desire...

The Gang Of Four (1989)| Jacques Rivette 

If your thriving for strong exciting women you can go no wrong with , a simple story with duality however when it's a Rivette nothing is straightforward!The Gang Of Four is a story of film students under the wing of Constance Dumas, a renowned film instructor.When one of the female students is attacked she is saved by a stranger. Mysterious and 'riveting' pick your space on you favourite sofa this is a long film and let Rivette immerse you in his world.

Peppermint Candy (1999)| Lee Chang Dong

Park Chan-Wook, Bong Joon-Ho maybe the big hitters in South Korea Lee Chang-Dong is a director that deserves the same limelight.Peppermint Candy may have one of the most delicious names in film but it's a film full of rich drama.Beautifully shot and if you love the reverse chronological film seen in the likes of  memento and a story of mans life in 5 phases ending with his suicide, this movie might be for you.

Eggshells (1969)| Tobe Hooper

He'll always be known as the director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre but before then there was another film the one that kicked everything off, a free-wheeling psychedelic comedy. “an American Freak Illumination Time & Space Fantasy”, Eggshells is a surreal head-trip, experimental Americana that captures the era.

Beast (2011)| Christoffer Boe

If Fifty Shades Of Grey left you disappointed Boe's Beast will make it look like Mills & Boon novel. This sexually charged psychodrama  dark, sinister, disturbing that dives into the darker side of love.A man love his wife so much however he's slowly going through transformation however his wife has found someone else, step forward more changes.

Walkabout (1971)| Nicholas Roeg
Before the Man Who Fell To Earth he took us on a 'Walkabout' in the Australian outback hypnotic, hallucinatory Walkabout from Nicolas Roeg. Regarded as many as Australia's greatest film by some critics, a film full mystery, the cinema speaks for itself, a film of a young sister and brother abandoned in the outback facing a harsh reality to adapt and learn to survive in their new natural surroundings.Perfect Lazy Sunday afternoon viewing

For a price of a coffee from one of those chains what better way to enjoy the weekend and every day great films at MUBI? click below to get more info on the other fantastic films on offer...

13 June 2013

Jacques Rivette's Rarely Seen Le Pont Du Nord Getting A Masters Of Cinema Release

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Le Pont Du Nord, the rarely seen, and long-requested key film by one of the world's greatest filmmakers Jacques Rivette, will be released as part of Eureka Entertainment’s Masters Of Cinema Series on Blu-ray and DVD on 29 July 2013.

Eureka Entertainment have announced that they will be releasing the first-ever Blu-ray and DVD editions in the world of Le Pont Du Nord, from the great French New Wave director Jacques Rivette, the creator of such sprawling and legendary works as Out 1, Céline and Julie Go Boating, La Belle noiseuse, and Va savoir. Rarely seen, and long-requested key film by one of the world's greatest filmmakers, the film stars Rivette's staple actress Bulle Ogier and her then-21-year-old daughter, Pascale Ogier. Released as part of the Masters of Cinema Series, these editions will Include a lengthy booklet containing new and vintage writing by Arthur Mas, Andy Rector, Serge Daney, and Caroline Champetier; writing from the original press-book by Jacques Rivette, and Jean Narboni; rare archival imagery; and more. Le Pont Du Nord will be released on DVD and Blu-ray as part of the Masters of Cinema series on 29 July 2013.

It seems more obvious than ever how much Rivette has influenced a subsequent generation of filmmaker - Spike Jonze, Charlie Kaufman, Michel Gondry - and expanded our sense of the possible.” – Village Voice

The culmination of New Wave master Jacques Rivette's legendary middle period (which ranged from L'Amour fou through Out 1, Céline and Julie Go Boating, Duelle, Noroît, and Merry-Go-Round), Le Pont du Nord envisions Paris as a sprawling game-board marked off with tucked-away conspiracies, where imagination and paranoia intermingle; where the hinted-at stakes are sanity, life, and death.

Regular Rivette actress Bulle Ogier stars as Marie, a claustrophobic ex-con who, shortly after wandering into Paris, encounters the wild and potentially troubled young woman Baptiste (Pascale Ogier, Bulle's actual 22-year-old daughter). Baptiste, a knife-wielding, self-proclaimed kung-fu expert with a drive to slash the eyes from faces in adverts (including, in one instance, those on a placard for Akira Kurosawa's Kagemusha), accompanies Marie on her quest to solve the mystery behind the contents of her former lover's (Pierre Clémenti's) suitcase: an amalgam of clippings, patterns, and maps of Paris that points to a vastly unsettling labyrinth replete with signs and intimations whose menacing endgame remains all too unclear.

Gorgeously shot by the master cinematographer William Lubtchansky, Le Pont du Nord is a freewheeling, powerful experience whose hypnotic rhythm and ominous undercurrents resolve into a frightening and exhilarating portrait of post-revolutionary, early-'80s Paris – and in turn form a prime example of Rivette's uncanny, occult cinema. The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present Jacques Rivette's rare and essential feature Le Pont du Nord on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time anywhere in the world.

Here's a preview clip from Le Pont Du Nord

Special Features DVD And Blu-Ray:
• Gorgeous new 1080p presentation (on the Blu-ray) of the film in its original 1.37:1 aspect ratio
• Optional English subtitles
• A lengthy booklet with writing about the film by Arthur Mas, Andy Rector, Serge Daney, and Caroline Champetier; writing from the original press-book by Jacques Rivette, and Jean Narboni; rare archival imagery; and more
• More details to be announced soon!