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3 May 2013

Watch The Dramatic Trailer for Shanidar no Hana (The Flower of Shanidar)

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If it's not Manga/Anime related or  horror the Japanese do love their romance and if you like romance films you'll want to check the official trailer for Garkuryu Ishii's Shanidar no Hana (The Flower of Shanidar).

Shanidar no Hana is described as an original  fantasy romance drama the tale of Otaki (Go Ayano) a researcher at an facility that cultivates a flower that grows on the bodies of certain women. The Flower of Shanidar is an highly sought after flower which help in scientific and Medical purposes so as the flowers grow so does Otaki's love for his assistant Kyoko (Haru Kuroki).

As the flowers grow they discover the women begin experiencing odd physical abnormalities which concerns Otaki who questions his faith in the project but Kyoko is the opposite she becomes more fascinated in the flowers. Shanidar no Hana opens in Japan on 20th July 2013.


A strange phenomenon takes place. A beautiful flower blooms on a selected woman's body and that flower is called the "Shanidar". When the Shanidar is in full bloom, the flower produces a substance which is then sold at a high cost to develop new drugs. Kenji Otaki (Gou Ayano) works as a researcher at the facility where the Shanidar is grown.