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23 August 2013

Competition - Win Cult Fantasy Horror Link Starring Elisabeth Shue and Terence Stamp On DVD

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From the director of Cloak and Dagger, Terence Stamp (The Limey) is single-minded professor Dr Steven Phillip who sets in motion a terrifying chain of events for Elizabeth Shue (Hollow Man) in the UK DVD release of Link (15). Available as a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, it is available to own on 26 August 2013.

Jane (Shue), an American zoology student, takes a summer job at the lonely cliff-top home of a professor who is exploring the link between man and ape. Soon after her arrival he vanishes, leaving her to care for his three chimps: Voodoo, a savage female; the affectionate, child-like Imp; and Link – a circus ape trained as the perfect servant and companion. Soon a disturbing role reversal takes place in the relationship between master and servant and Jane becomes a prisoner in a simian house of horror. In her attempts to escape she’s up against an adversary several times her physical strength – and the instincts of a bloodthirsty killer…

With a score from Oscar-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith (The Omen), this suspense thriller from Richard Franklin is a horror classic which will make you go ape with fear.

Part of “The British Film” Collection and courtesy of our friends at Network Distribution Link can be part of your collection we have 3 copies of the film on DVD To Give Away. To win a copy please answer the following Question:

Q.Whose 'song' did Terrence Stamp recently star in with Gemma Atkinson?

Deadline to enter this competition is Sunday 15th September 2013 (23:59pm) and you must be 15 or older to enter

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27 May 2013

Theorem (Teorema) Blu-Ray Review

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Theorem is very important film in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s career in many different ways. It was the first time he had worked with primarily with professional actors (and international actors), first film he did with dealt explicitly with homosexuality and the influence of Luis Buñuel was evident.

Theorem is about a mysterious visitor (played by Terrence Stamp) who appears in the lives of an Italian bourgeois family. He has sexual affairs with all of family… the religious maid, the son, the sexually repressed mother, the daughter and lastly the father. The first half of the film is basically that but about half way thought the film he disappears as mysteriously as he appears. The rest of film is about what happens to the family and how the live their lives after the visitor have touched them in some way.

The film is quite clearly about divine intervention and Terrence Stamp is clearly playing a angel of some kind. Curiously the film was given a special award by the International Catholic Film Office at the Venice Film Festival but was quickly withdrawn when the Vatican protested for obviously reasons. The film has long been talked about because of the ambiguousness of the film. It has been interpreted as statement as a disgust at bourgeois society and the emergence of consumerism in Italian Society. Other interpretations are it’s both a critique of bourgeois society and the working class maid and Pasolini’s other struggle with his homosexuality.

It’s a fascinating film from one of Cinema’s great enigma’s Pasolini who was of course brutally murdered soon after the release of his still shocking Salo. He worked in neo-realism, films based on mythology, surrealism, and social satire and often in the same film. He was full of many contractions but his body of work is one of the most fascinating in post-war European cinema.


Ian Schultz

Rating: 15
DVD/BD Release Date: 27th May 2013 (UK)
DirectorPier Paolo Pasolini
Cast: Terence StampMassimo GirottiAnne WiazemskySilvana Mangano

Buy: Theorem (DVD + Blu-ray)