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21 December 2010


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Anchor Bay Entertainment have sent me the new UK trailer for LAST VICTIM (aka Dear Mr Gacy, in USA) which will be released in UK on March 7th, 2011.
You love your serial killers then you cant beat one of the ultimate ones John Wayne Gacey played by William Forsythe with the movie based on the true life tale of the sadistic pyscho and Jason Moss a young man who grew an obbession of serial killers with this movie based on his memoirs.
The movie will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray and check out the synopsis and the offical uk trailer after the break...

he Last Victim is a gripping true story from the producers of Monster about an 18 year-old college student who dares to confront notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy – triggering a deadly game of cat and mouse and a journey into the darkest realms of the mind. Starring William Forsythe (Devil’s Rejects, Rob
Zombie’s Halloween) as John Wayne Gacy, this Anchor Bay Entertainment title is an adaptation of The Last Victim, the memoirs of Jason Moss, (played by Jesse Moss – Final Destination. The Uninvited), a law student fascinated by serial killers who formed a relationship with Gacy during the killer’s last year on Death Row. Sadly, the title of the book took on a poignant new meaning when Jason Moss committed suicide in June 2006. At the time of his death, he was a practicing criminal defense attorney.