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13 October 2012

Uwe Boll's Zombie Massacre Trailer

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He's the filmmaker many love to hate and for numerous reasons you can see why they hate him but whatever you think he has a cult following and as long that fanbase is around Uwe Boll will keep making those films.  His latest film though this time only as producer Zombie Massacre a full trailer has landed online with Eaters duo Marco Ristori and Luca Boni directing. Based on a 1998 video game which has similarities to Doom but with the undead roaming the lands which look like the same location as Eaters but this Italian duo are experts at low budget flicks so absorb your resources!

It's bog standard stuff however with so many zombie films on the market now we can easily say Zombie Massacre looks like one of the better ones which has Uwe Boll even starring in it as the President of United States!!! No word on the UK&Irish release date just yet but expect it either before the end of this year early next year. Zombie Massacre also stars Tara Cardinal, Mike Mitchell, Jon Campling, Christian Boeving, Gerry Shanahan, Daniel Vivian and Carl Wharton.

A bacteriological weapon developed by the US Government to create a super soldier - spreads an epidemic in a quiet little town in the middle of Eastern Europe. All citizens have been turned into infected zombies. The plan is to bring an atomic bomb into the city's nuclear plant to pretend a terrible accident occurred. No one has to know the truth. A team of mercenaries is hired to complete the mission. The battle is on. Hordes of monsters against the team.

source: DreadCentral