18 November 2009

Jessica Hausner's Lourdes trailer

One great thing I like about Film Festivals is the fact there is many movies that make the premiere and sometimes only appearance in that particular country. Lourdes seems to be one of those movies that seems to float around the world's main festivals and rarely see's a film run in a cinema apart from the movies origin.

Lourdes is a low key drama with some comedy moments about Christine (Sylvie Testud) a wheelchair bound woman  who goes to Lourdes, France on a pilgramage. She's not really looking for a cure but more company and friendship to cure her of her isolation.

Some people may find the movie hard to understand due to the deepness and special bond Lourdes has for many people worldwide but director/wroter Jessica Hausner
does seem to find the right balancefor the movie by not overstepping the mark, just have to look at the accolades the movie has picked up in the festivals.

Lourdes Trailer

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