20 December 2009

The fighting Irish fight zombies in PORTRAIT OF A ZOMBIE

source Quietearth
 When Shaun of the dead came out a few years back the zombie movie genre was virtually dead and buried (pardon the punt), even the great man Romero tried and failed. Then pops up recently Zombieland which brought the genre back to life, so it was a little of actually when than if  more movies would appear. Portait of a Zombie will hopefully have those irish eyes smiling in 2010 with this crazy black comedy.
Directed by Bing Bailey, this low budget flick is set in Dublin as a normal working class family get caught up in the middle of a invasion of the undead in there hometown and all I have to say is, this looks brilliant! Yeah it might look cheesy, corny and full of unknown actors, but sometimes thats the best way as the expectations of a movie wont be high.
You cant deny cheap and cheerful have been quite succesful recently, Paranormal Activity anyone?

Zombies roam the streets of Dublin. An American Documentary crew come to Ireland to make a documentary about the Murphy Family, whose eldest son Billy has turned, but the family still choose to care for him, much to the chagrin of the neighbors and the local crime boss. The Documentary crew soon become enthralled in the proceedings as Billy's story unfolds....IMDB


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