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19 June 2013

Watch The Intense UK Trailer For Daniel Espinola's Easy Money aka Snabba Cash

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There’s no such thing as ‘easy money’ in Stockholm’s dark underworld. There’s a price to pay for everything.It's been a long time coming but finally Daniel Espinola's Easy Money finally coming to UK, check out the film's official UK trailer.

Back in 2010 when the Swedish crime thriller was released in it's homeland Daniel Espinola was unknown but since then he has made his Hollywood debut with Safe House (Denzil Washington) and now it's time to see why Hollywood snapped the director up.

Easy Money (or Snabba Cash it's original name) tells the tale of a poor student living amongst the elite in Stockholm funding the wealthy lifestyle by selling cocaine. This 'Easy Money' becomes a gateway to the city's dark underworld of organised crime when he crosses paths with another dealer Jorge (Matias Padin Varela) who is on the run only to find himself also on the run been tracked by Mrado (Dragomir Mrsic).

The film has made a few appearances in UK film Festival most notably Glasgow Film Festival where it made it's UK debut along with Easy Money 2 (yes there's a sequel!) and more recently Nordic Noir in London Last Month. If your familiar with many of the Nordic TV Shows(original The Killing) you recognise Easy Money's lead if not you will soon as he's playing the new Robocop (released 2014), Joel Kinnaman. Easy money deliver the dark tension,violence and great storytelling so what better time to unleash the film on UK cinephiles. The film has been compared to a Swedish Goodfellas and how ironic Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas director) was a executive producer, enough said!

Easy Money arrives in UK&Irish cinema from Icon and Lionsgate UK on 19th July.


JW (Joel Kinnaman) is a poor student living a double life among the wealthy elite in Stockholm. Using increasingly illicit means to fund his exclusive lifestyle, he hits on a chance to score ‘easy money’ through selling cocaine. As JW enters the dark world of organised crime, his fate entwines with that of Jorge (Matias Padin Varela), a drug dealer on the run, and Mrado (Dragomir Mrsic), a mob hitman tasked with tracking Jorge down.