1 April 2010

Trailer for Sang-Soo's THE HOUSEMAID

Source IonCinema
My Education into more movies and the wonderful world of international cinema takes me to Korea and to Sango-Soo Im's new movie THE HOUSEMAID. The movie is an remake of the classic 1960's  Kim Ki-Young's original of the same name and the story is simple about a man's affair with his housemaid and when anything is secret its only a matter of time secret comes out and so does the dark consequences for all involved.
When the music played as I watched the trailer I did get the sense of feeling of the opening scene of the Classic Blue Velvet starring Kyle McClachlan & Dennis Hooper when the camera sweeps over a typical middle class American Suburbia everything looks perfect on the top as the camera sweeped downwards into the mud the real darkness comes, giving you the impression everything isn't what it seems. I know its not going to be up there with the classics but The Housemaid is stylish and naughty and will be ok. Where's Sharon stone when you need her, those piano keys need retuned!!!

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