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21 November 2010

Teaser Trailer For Chen Daming's WHAT WOMAN WANT Remake starring Andy Lau

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Mel Gibson may not be the man of the moment due to his much publicised private life but his old movies attracting a lot of attention and one has been remade in asia. You maybe looking at his movie cv thinking it must be Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, Patriot or even Signs, nope! His foray into romcom in 2000 with Helen Hunt with WHAT WOMAN WANT!!!
Yes folks yes Mel Gibson's romcom has been remade in China with Chinese megastar Andy Lau reprising Gibson's role and Gon Li in Helen Hunt's part. Asia is going through a phase of remaking Hollywood movies with a Japanese version of Ghost already been made and a few others on the cards as well. The whole thing with these Hollywood  remakes is all down to a recent deal  which see several big named movies getting a asian makeover but I dont blame the asian film market for trying as hollywood has been for years destroying many fantastic asian/world  cinema movies with mediocre version.

So above is the first trailer and the movie will be released in China on February 14th, 2011.

Fred Wang (Andy Lau) is the top gun of the leading ad agency has his mind fixed on promotion to creative director. When the post was given to a new colleague Ellen, Fred is given an assignment to prove himself - pitch for a women's hygiene product. While brainstorming Fred met with an accident at home. He wakes up to discover his new gift - the ability to hear women's thoughts. The chauvinist suddenly becomes the expert on women psychology.

18 August 2010

Another trailer for BETTER TOMORROW (aka Invincible)

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source Filmsmash
Another trailer for the south Korean remake of the John Woo Noir crime thriller A BETTER TOMORROW has it's second trailer and has thankfully dropped the silly Invincible film title for A BETTER TOMORROW.

a former North Korean special forces soldier (Jin-mo Ju)looking for forgiveness from his younger brother, the equivalent of Ti Lung’s role in the original, and Kim Kang-woo  will play the cop who can’t forgive his older brother, the equivalent of Leslie Cheung’s role in the original.

The movie also stars Song Seung-hun, Ju Jin-mo, Kim Kang Woo, and Jo Han Seon with the movie getting a South Korean cinematic release late September, new trailer after the break....

14 August 2010

A Teaser For Ghost Remake(Yes Remake!) Gosuto: Mo Ichido Dakishimetai

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Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you folks this post is for a Japanese remake of Ghost, that movie that starred Patrick Swayeze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. So you may WTF! Well Paramount Picures a while back did an deal with the asian market for a few of there movies to be remade for asian market and you may why?! Ive heard that attitude by a few people before whilst many filmamker remake foreign based movies into English language (most are not very good) so whynot?
 Gosuto: Mo Ichido Dakishimetai is a Japanese version of the classic weepie with Seung-heon Song & Nanako Matsushima reprising the roles the difference in this version is that the character who dies is reversed the female character(Matsushima)  Kirin Kiki will play the role which Goldberg played.

So what do you think? teaser is after the break....

“Ghost: Mo Ichido Daishimetai” will be released in Japan on November 13, 2010.

9 August 2010

American Trailer For The Chinese Remake of The Coen Brothers movie A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop

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source TWITCH
It's not just the American's who remake movies left right and centre, The Asian market has its fair share of remakes some obscures other you expect but at no time would I see a Coen Brother's movie been remade but one has. That movie is Blood Simple and below is the American Trailer for A WOMAN, A GUN AND A NOODLESHOP.
The movie has been remade by House of The Flying Daggers/Hero director
Yimou Zhang and typically Chinese they concentrate more on the humour factor rather the drama  and guess what American fans can catch this movie as it goes on a limited release on September 3rd as for UK &Ireland there is no word, more likely direct to DVD.

Trailer after the break....

5 August 2010

First Trailer For Song Hae-sung's Korean remake of A Better Tomorrow - INVINCBLE

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Song Hae-sung''s Korean remake of the classic John Woo Hong-Kong thriller noir A BETTER TOMORROW, now called INVINCBLE has its first trailer.
The talk of the movie has stirred up a few corners as the original movie (as well as movie 2) have some iconic scenes which some up the whole reason why Hong Kong thriller/action flicks have such a massive following worldwide. According to the director only the characters as well as the basic set up of the story remaining with the rest having a modern retake on the original, I think their treading on eggshells as the 1980's feel and look of the movie madeit so good.
As it's Korean the badguys in this version will be North Korean special forces entering the world of organised crime, mmm what do you think guys?

Anyway check out the trailer after the break...

14 June 2010

New Teaser For Takashi Miike's Reworking of 13 ASSASSINS

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Source Wildgrounds &TwitchFilm
There's only so many remake's one can get excited about in the era of virtually every new movie is a remake, prequel of an old one 13 ASSASSINS is one we're rather excited about.
The updated version has been directed by Takashi Miike  (audition, ichi the killer)and  has been described as the 'dirty dozen set in the samuri era', well thats enough to get me excited about it! When the movie is already a classic and with quite a few of the most inspirational movies of all time coming from the land of the rising sun, you'll have to tread on thin ice not to be disrespectful to the original but also pay homage but add your touch as well.

A group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord.

The movie will be out in Japan September 25th and is sure to be a massive hit, so check out the new teaser trailer after the break plus the first full trailer which came out the week before as well...