3 March 2010

Watch Horror Short MAMA before its turned into a feature movie

source TwitchFilm
Movie Shorts we do like them here at Cinehouse HQ and how many times have you watched a great little short and just wish it was an feature movie? I'm sure pleanty of times we have here and here's one of those shorts thats going to be adapted for the big screen, its MAMA.
Its written and directed by Italian
Andres Muschietti and Andreas or Andy as he likes to be called will be directing with the king of all things dark and wonderful Guillermo Del Toro producing!!! This short little horror movie is dark, creepy but fantastically created with a simple but solid story and you'll see why Del Toro wanted to get this to the cinema screens.
This great little movie did come out a few years ago and is a big favourite of the source of this post Twitch and its now ours at Cinehouse!!!!

imdb - Litle Victoria is waken up by her sister Lili who insists on leaving the house because somebody unpleasant has come back

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