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11 March 2015

Social Media Unveils It's 'dark side' In The Horror Short Alexia

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If your under a certain age and own a smart phone your life probably evolves around social media especially Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc... If you know what Facebook is and have a profile if you ever thought what would happen to that profile after you die? It seems in Argentina  it's a bit of an phenomenon a sadistically sinister one of following profiles after death and in Andres Borghi's short film Alexia all will be unveiled.

After the death of his girlfriend Alexia follows a young man dealing with the repercussions of keeping her social profile runnng. As he attempts sever his part of everything it looks like things aren't as easy as he first thought.



18 January 2015

Watch The Intense Frantic Short Isolated

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Zombie films or TV programmes are ten a penny these days  some we love many we loathe however when someone tries something a little different our respect goes out to them. Even if that idea doesn't work we still show our appreciation but in Thomas Vergara's Isolated.

No one ever thought they could make The Walking Dead a success but  they have but until now we haven't seen a zombie apocalypse animated? Vergara delivers that vision that he's co-written (with his brother Manuel), directed a 5 minute frantic journey that certainly delivers intensity with a hyper-real aesthetic.

Isolated is if anything a one chase scene, an awesome scene at that, one a man wakes up in his
 wrecked taxi, in a mysterious desert city. No idea how he got there he attempts to piece together the clues and that those crazy humans that populate the city he may just be connected to them more than he realizes.

ISOLATED from Peak Pictures on Vimeo.

If you want to feel totally disconnected Isolated does the trick


10 January 2015

Sci-fi Short Atropa Pays Homage To Classic Ridley Scott Science Fiction

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If you adore Alien, Blade Runner Eli Sasich's Science Fiction short Atropa will be right up your street, paying Homage to classic gritty sci-fi of 1970s & 1980s.

Sasich's beautifully created film tells the tale of a space detective (Anthony Bonavetura) whose sent on a deep space mission to investigate the missing  research vessel Atropa, but what he finds everything is not what it seems.

There's also a big nod to the sci-fi horror Event Horizon here, a fantastically constructed film and for short with impressive CGI. Atropa is another fine example to filmmaker wannabe's that sometimes crating something smaller with plenty of TLC is a smarter move than going the juggular with a full feature. Here's hoping those with the power in film have there eyes on Sasich's fantastic film as it's a film we love to see created into a full feature.

ATROPA -- Sci-fi Short from Eli Sasich on Vimeo.

source: GeekTyrant

3 January 2014

Watch Martin Scorsese's Student Short Film 'It’s Not Just You, Murray!'

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Later this month Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street will arrive in UK cinemas  and to get us into the mood for that much anticipated movie, Filmschoolrejects have dived into archives and unearthed a Scorsese gem. Dating back to film maestro's days at University and a short film called 'It's Not Just You, Murray!'

The film dates back to 1964 Scorsese was a student at NYU Film School and like any film student a number of short films are made and this 50 year old gem has a familiar feel to it. It's Not Just You, Murray! is a 16 minute film which showcases many traits seen in the directors future films like Goodfellas, even the new one The Wolf Of Wall Street especially. Leonardo Di Caprio plays Jordan Belfort starts the film narrating how he got from rags to riches before corruption took over, In It's Not Just You, Murray!, Murray played by Ira Rubin does likewise. As Murray progresses it becomes more evident it becomes more a template for Goodfellas, Casino with the multiple narrations with even a  Fellini's 81/2 homage too.

6 December 2013

Our House Short Film Delivers A Nice Twist To The Home Invasion Sub Genre

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When it comes to originality within film is virtually zero, so when new films get released with original plot its a rewarding experience, so whats the next best thing?In Drew Cooke's Our House we get a fantastic short film which takes a used formula and adds a few twist delivering something refreshingly intense.

Our House has the beautiful young woman(Kollyn Muangmaithong) terrified hiding in a upstairs room, throw in a electric show which would be more home with close encounters of The Third Kind than Home Invasion. Its Instinctual, gripping and keep you eager to see what will happen, it's only 7 minutes long but its worth those precious minutes of your time.


Watch The Engrossing Short Film Grays

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If there's any reason why here at Cinehouse should be posting more short films Henry Hobson's Grays is that reason. Hobson may not be known by many but some will now his work as a designer designing title sequences for many popular TV shows and Films such as Rango, The Walking Dead and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. Hobson is actually a established short film director and below is his latest Grays.

The story is simple about a young man determined to find out why his father has died with a military official they go search for that information leads him to meeting something possibly not of this earth.

This is a fantastic film and one that needs to be expanded from its 5 minutes running time, nice ending but most of all it has the uber-cool Michael Ironside in it!

source: Geektyrant

12 November 2013

Darknet Webseries Launches Online With Vincenzo Natali Episode

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Adapted from Japanese series Tori Hada Darknet has launched it's episode directed by Cube,Splice director Vicenzo Natali. Described as an bitsize nightmare journies into urban horror. 'Darknet offers snippets of people's lives being interrupted by vivid instances of unexpected violence or shocking strangeness. Shot in a visceral style that cranks up the creep factor, viewers become part of Darknet, a mysterious network of disturbing imagery and stories that exist just under the surface of our ordered and safe society.'

The series will run it's full episodes exclusively via newly relaunched Canadian channel Superchannel as well as Darknet website. A total of six episodes will be aired with the first episode starring David Hewlett and Michelle Alexander whose lives become intertwined with Darknet a website where people can submit strange tales of intrigue and murder.

Source: QuietEarth

Wes Anderson's New Castello Cavalcanti Short Honours Fellini

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As the world awaits the arrival of Hotel Budapest, Wes Anderson treats us all with a 8 minute short Castello Cavalcanti.Comissioned by Italian fashion house Prada the short film time warps us back to 1955 and stars Jason Schwartzman who plays an American racing car driver. Whilst out with his cars driving through the Italian countryside during that years Molte Miglia when he crashes his car into a water fountain in a small rural town when a turn of events turn his troules into something he never expected.

Castello Cavalcanti is aesthetically what you expect from Wes Anderson film, quirky, vibrant as well as a chance for Anderson to pay homage to his cinematic heroes. Federico Fellini is honoured in this film with the Fellini's Amarcord the biggest source of inspiration, even the film's title is homage to one of Anderson's heroes Brazilian director Alberto Cavalcanti.

This not fashion film the closest  you'll see Prada in Castello Cavalcanti is probably the labels on the clothes the cast wore when this as shot, but this is one luxury item from the house of Prada everyone can afford to enjoy. This no ordinary film, it's an Wes Anderson short film, need I say more?

18 October 2013

Let's Go 'Trippin' With Short Film Trailer For Amnesiac On The Beach

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We're not immortal though some of us think we are. We are born on a certain day, certain year and soon enough a certain day of a certain year in the future we ill die and that's a fact but what if what we do, see or know was one big hallucination? Dalibor Baric's Amnesiac On The Beach short film invites you to go on one  big hallucinating 'trip' if we were never to act, never to desire, never to experience anything new? Now we can give you the most precious gift of all: The Near Life Experience.

This experimental short film  is taken from the short film selection from Sigtes Film Festival, check out the trailer below, the visual aspect is worth 75 seconds of your time, we do dig the downtempo Air-esque/DJ Shadow score too!

In a dead and void dystopian world, where permanent present reigns and absorbs like a black hole every past as well as every future, there is a place where no one exists anymore and everyone is just their own hallucination on the verge of disappearing

source: Bonobo Studio