30 July 2010

Jul 10 Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia Begin Filming with some plot details revealed

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It’s always exciting to see what outragous but also quite fantastic movie projects Lars Von Trier comes up with next. After Antichrist I got very interested in what the eccentric Danish filmmaker was going to do next and it’s Melancholia and I have previously did cover a few points about the movie like the possiblity of Penelope Cruz been in this movie, which was swiped away not long after. If you follow Von Trier’s work you know very few of his female lead actors comeback for more punishment apart from one Charlotte Gainsbourg as she is going to be in this one with a few more well known faces.
After Antichrist Von Trier promised “no more happy endings” and Melancholia was going to “psychological disaster movie,” but we know virtually  nothing about the movie and it’s now started production. To mark the occasion The director held a press conference and many hoped for a script on bigger breakdown on the plot but he did give out a few details:
This is  a wedding and melancholia, but I don’t want to say any more than that,” Von Trier told the press then he went onto tell us something about the characters. Alexander Skarsgård and Kirsten Dunst will marry, then experience a ‘dramatic’ end to their union, mmm where tobey as Spiderman when you need him Kirsten! Von Trier Regular Gainsbourg she will play Dunst sister in this with John Hurt playing their father. Stellan Skarsgaard looks likely to play his sons father on the screen as well or even as his bestman and we have none other than Jack Bauer aka Keifer Sutherland who looks likely to be the movies male lead – “my character represents what is right, while Kirsten Dunst represents what is left. There is an important balance in the film.” Sutherland also goes onto to say how he admire’s Von Triers filming style especially filming live without any rehearsals.
Kirsten Dunst also had a few words to say about Von Trier’s filming style too and his ‘torture’ of women – “Lars instructs without rehearsal and it gives real things life. This is a continuing challenge for myself and with the material. There’s poetry in the way he tortures women.”
“looks like shit” Von Trier jokes  “No, I hope not. But it is certainly a little uglier than the previous one.”
” He finds an energy in the scenes before and make up with photographic aesthetics. It suits me fine.” – says the movies cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro
” He finds an energy in the scenes before and make up with photographic aesthetics. It suits me fine.”
all are on to improvise and take it from the hip. Each day we begin without instruction, and are then given instructions along the route. The actors are completely wild and very sweet and well prepared.”
The movie shooting started on July 22nd and will continue until around September 8th with the movie coming out sometime 2011 and dont be surprised if it premiere’s at Cannes 2011.

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