31 July 2010

Offical Trailer For British Indie Horror THE BASEMENT

source 24FPS
With alot of movies going direct to dvd nowdays, if its british it'll probably have Danny Dyer, the dvd movie king of britain. My Niece adores him he's your 'loveable' cockney geezer and basically still lives on the back of his only real sucessfull movie football factory which is a cult movie within certain faction of football.

The Basement is the latest Danny Dyer flick a British horror starring Jimi Mistry (Exam,2012,Love Guru, blood diamond), Emily Beecham, Kierston Wareing, and Lois Winstone (daughter of Ray Winstone) and looking at the trailer it does look pretty generic: four people locked in a dark unsavoury place and something lurking in the dark trying to take them all out one by one.
Check out the trailer after the break and the movie will be out on DVD and VOD from August 20th:

Synopsis: Returning from an anti-war demo, the chaos of horror ensues when stoner Gary (Dyer - Severance), quiet and insular Sarah (Kierston Wareing – Fish Tank), vain Saffron (Lois Winstone – Beyond The Rave), posh Pru (Emily Beecham – 28 Weeks Later) and Pru's arrogant boyfriend Derek (Jimi Mistry - RocknRolla) stop in the country. When Derek and Saffron find an unexplained metal hatch in the middle of the forest, curiosity wins and they decide to explore inside. Searching for their missing friends, Gary, Pru and Sarah are forced to follow but the hatch locks behind them, and the shadows that lurk in the darkness force the whole group to run for their lives. In this fight of good versus evil - only the most evil will survive. 

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