31 July 2010

Tearjerker Trailer For Oniichan no Hanabi

sourceNippon Cinema
For those out there in movie fan world who love a good tearjerker should check this trailer out for
The movie is based on a documentary about 16 year old called Hana  who movies to a small town  near Niigita 5 years earlier to be close to the hospital for her Leukima treatment. Every year the town holds the “Katakai Matsuri” known to be the biggest firework display in the world and Hana also has an older Brother called Taro who is a hikikomori but he makes an effort to actually visit his ill sister at hospital for her sake and they try to get more involved in the festival.
My rooms flooded with tears, but if you love this type of movie and your fromJapan you can catch the movie on September 25th.

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