12 July 2010

The Trailer For Colin Downey's THE LOOKING GLASS

source QuietEarth
This trailer is very powerful, dark, tense, suspenseful but most of all fantastic! The Looking Glass has been described as "dark fairytale weaving together magic, mystery and suspense which follows Paul on a dangerous journey to a strange nocturnal world peopled by exotic beauties, criminals, and grotesques."
directed by Colin Downey starring Patrick O'Donnell and Natalia Kostrzewa. with a dude in it who looks more scarier than Freddy Krueger!!!

Paul is a troubled young man living in a rural cottage with his pregnant girlfriend, Clare. While dealing with the sudden arrival of his sinister mother-in-law and coming to terms with his impending fatherhood, Paul constantly struggles to escape the traumas of his childhood.

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