14 July 2010

Teaser & Trailer For Hong Kong Horror Flick MIDNIGHT HEART

source 24Frames Per Second
picture source HKMD Daily News
I Had a really busy day working on The Peoples Movies blog and it was going on 1 am  so I decided not to post this but roll on a few hours we now have not just trailer one but trailer 2 for Jiabei Zhang's MIDNIGHT HEART/PULSE.

What's good and unique about this movie, it has a twist....its completely silent giving the whole movie a real errie feeling which is great as it's a horror! but roll on trailer two we have sound and its alot darker and twisted...better

Is this Hong Kong gone J-Horror? well slightly true as the production company have hired some japanese expertise. Don't know much on the movie apart from it's based in a hospital nd even the movies stars are not saying a word either which could suggest this is something bigger been created. It does have a few big names involved with Simon Yam and Frances Ng is it a major viral? Well whatever it is Midnight Heart is out in Hong Kong in September, trailers after the break....


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