18 July 2010

Trailer for Thriller Restaurant (Gekijô-ban: Kaidan resutoran )

Source Nippon Cinema
It's not just the American's who like to bring Comicbooks to the big screen, the Japanese do to and have probably doing it a lot longer than there Yankee cousins. The trailer below is an fine example of Manga/Anime adaptation of Gekijô-ban: Kaidan resutoran:THRILLER RESTAURANT.
The movie is based on thepopular manga book series that ran from 1996-2007 based on a Kaiden restaurant Obake Garcon (Ghost Waiter) tells horror stories to children. The books have just recently been created into a anime which aired last october and this movie actually is a animtion/live action hybrid with the first 13 minutes all been in animation before converting to live action.
This is basically one for the young teens/kids and its strange that the movies director Masayuki Ochiai is more known for his adult horrors like Parasite Eve, Infection and Hollywood remake of the Thai horror Shutter.

Thriller Restaurant will be in Japanese cinemas from August 21st, trailer after the break...

link:official website

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