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26 December 2013

Watch First Trailer For Live Action Patlabor TV Series And Film

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1990's was a great time to be an anime fan in UK, with no internet, you could buy anime any shop that sold video even better mainstream TV (BBC, Channel 4) screened anime more regularly.Mamoru Oshii's Patlabor was one of the anime's we cherished during the decade and now we have a teaser trailer for Patlabor Next Generation TV Series.

It may only be 32 seconds long but when we have a mecha film the first thing we want to see is the MECHA! and we do! The glimpse we get is of the 8 metre tall robotic mecha AV-98 Ingram with the main cast of the series around the foot of the metallic giant. The series is not going to be a remake of the anime movies or series, set in Tokyo 2013 with the third generation of Patlabor due to the recession The Tokyo Metropolitan Police has been disbanded.

The series  will be shown in 7 parts with the first episode coming April 2014 with a feature film arriving in Summer 2015.

source: Animenewsnetwork

29 July 2012

Destructive Teaser Trailer For Studio Ghibli's Live Action Short 'God Warrior'

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Studio Ghibli probably the most recognisable Japanese Animation studio in the world, they need no introduction their films are adored worldwide. The studio have joined forces with the creators of Evagelion to create God Warrior Appears In Tokyo (Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru), the iconic studio's first foray into live action and a trailer has appeared online , we have to say we're impressed!

Evangelion director Hideko Anno is directing with Studio Ghibli producing the short film (running just under 10 minutes mark) has been created for an animation exhibition focussing on special effects at  the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. The design of the Warrior is inspired by Nausicaa The Valley of The Wind (Anno was a key animator)with the film created using no CGI which is unusual in this day and age especially considering the film's genre usually known for its heavy usage of CGI. They have used a technique called Tokusatsu which basically means they used miniature models in the way they used to do in the old school creature feature/sci-fi films like Godzilla.

No word if the film will be shown online,but if your fortunate to be able to visit Tokyo the film will be playing at the exhibition it was created for. Enjoy the impressive trailer and tell me wouldn't it be great if this became a feature live or animated?

巨神兵 Published via

 source: Anime News Network

28 November 2010

Full Trailer For ASHITA NO JOE (Tommorow Joe)

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source Nippon Cinema
The full trailer for live action verion of the popular manga/anime ASHITA NO JOE has appeared online thanks tothe movies website.
The movie is based on the boxing drama created by Tetsuya Chiba and Asao Takamori classic of the same name of of joe(played by Tomohisa Yamashita) a trouble youth who meets  Dampei Tange (Teruyuki Kagawa) who teaches him the art of boxing and he meets also Toru Rikiishi (Yusuke Iseya) and a fierce, but respectful rivalry. I dont know if the movie will follow the comicbook or the animation but in the comicbook the boxing battle inside also involve other inmates and those inmates are of different skill levels.
Been a manga/anime fan I have been fortunate to see some of he classic animes online but not enough to say I know the story well, but its what I would call a classic manga and hopefully director  Fumihiko Sori has been respectful to the story as possble s a homage to it rather than in it to make quick money.
Ashita No Joe (Tommorrow's Joe) will be released by Toho in Japan on February 11th, 2011, trailer after the break...

19 July 2010

Full Trailer 2nd Teaser for Naoto Kumazawa's "Kimi ni Todoke"

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source Nippon Cinema
A new full trailer and second teaser trailer have been released for Kimi ni Todoke. The movie is due for release in Japan on September 25th and is a live action version of the popular manga (turned anime) by Karuho Shiina.
The movie stars Mikako Tabe as high school student Sawako Kuronuma and she gets called Sadako after the character from the Ring movie simply due to her long dark hair an gloomy appearance. No one really talks to her until one day Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura) one of the popular male classmates talks to her and things grow into a friendship leading into areas of life Swako would never think off...Romance.
This is a typical and very popluar romance genre within Japanese teens and you'll find hundreds of similar stories to this one but only the better ones become animes then features. Its a little like mill and boon for Japanese teen girls.

The trailers are after the break...

18 July 2010

Teaser For Live Action GANTZ (part 1)

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source Twitch
Back in the 1990's I knew alot of Anime/Manga that was out mostly than's to Helen McCarthy's Anime UK magazine it was essential reading for all British/Irish anime/manga fans. But like many things the rightwing media of Uk destroys anything popular by sentsationalising it with some negative press articles (they caught onto the hentai - porn anime and made people think all anime is pornographic   as well violent) and the fans drew away alltogether or underground.  I've tried my best to keep up with whats going on maybe borrowing friends anime or watching it online. Japan is very proud of there animation & comicbook industry if your aged 1 or 99 theres always something for you a respected medium so watching popular titles become animation then live action cinema versions is not unusal so we have the latest GANTZ.
The great thing about this anime its known worldwide and even though many manga/anime's do become live action some can be a bit poorly made more made for tv than cinema but Gantz does look like one of the better ones. I have heard of it but have no clue what the story is all about but if you enjoy young guys jumping around in leather pvc suits and a mysterious black ball check this out, i've tried to get a english synopsis but no luck.
trailer after break....

Trailer for Thriller Restaurant (Gekijô-ban: Kaidan resutoran )

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Source Nippon Cinema
It's not just the American's who like to bring Comicbooks to the big screen, the Japanese do to and have probably doing it a lot longer than there Yankee cousins. The trailer below is an fine example of Manga/Anime adaptation of Gekijô-ban: Kaidan resutoran:THRILLER RESTAURANT.
The movie is based on thepopular manga book series that ran from 1996-2007 based on a Kaiden restaurant Obake Garcon (Ghost Waiter) tells horror stories to children. The books have just recently been created into a anime which aired last october and this movie actually is a animtion/live action hybrid with the first 13 minutes all been in animation before converting to live action.
This is basically one for the young teens/kids and its strange that the movies director Masayuki Ochiai is more known for his adult horrors like Parasite Eve, Infection and Hollywood remake of the Thai horror Shutter.

Thriller Restaurant will be in Japanese cinemas from August 21st, trailer after the break...