5 August 2010

First Trailer For Song Hae-sung's Korean remake of A Better Tomorrow - INVINCBLE

Song Hae-sung''s Korean remake of the classic John Woo Hong-Kong thriller noir A BETTER TOMORROW, now called INVINCBLE has its first trailer.
The talk of the movie has stirred up a few corners as the original movie (as well as movie 2) have some iconic scenes which some up the whole reason why Hong Kong thriller/action flicks have such a massive following worldwide. According to the director only the characters as well as the basic set up of the story remaining with the rest having a modern retake on the original, I think their treading on eggshells as the 1980's feel and look of the movie madeit so good.
As it's Korean the badguys in this version will be North Korean special forces entering the world of organised crime, mmm what do you think guys?

Anyway check out the trailer after the break...

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