26 October 2010

Old School Style chiller from Vassilis Katsikis in LURK

source Quietearth
You could say this is back to basic old school style chiller many others like myself call it a mindf**k, a pyschological thriller. LURK is directed by Greek filmmaker Vassilis Katsikis   who had a Greek box office hit in 2008 with the documentary CCTV. Now Lurk is his next venture and he has the dream of breaking into English speaking film industry and this has been filmed in his homeland but its all in English! Will this be a sucess in English speaking countries? Im affraid until he has well known faces be it the indie movie circuit this will be another miss.
As for the story of the movie its about a woman called anna (Tess Jackon-Spentzos ) whose home is invaded by a mysterious creature which turns her life upside down charming her first and eventually making her turn against her husband and eventually herself.
This trailer could make you go loopy lou trying to decipher what its all about!, trailer after the break....

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