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11 November 2010

No Crocidile Shoes in this movie just Crocidile heads with trailer For KNIFER

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Source TwitchFilm
Not as maniac as Gaspar Noe but just as odd as well as compelling below after the break you'll find the trailer for KNIFER.
This is not exactly a new trailer as I posted this originally in August as Macherovgaltis(Μαχαιροβγάλτης)  but now the trailer has been repackaged with its new English name KNIFER. Thanks to the sucess of Dogtooth, Attenburg around the Film Festival circuit, now Yannis Economides is trying to follow suit and looking at the evidence he should do fairly well. So if you like your movies a mixture of arthouse elegence, weirdness with plenty of drama you should check this one out ....

26 October 2010

Old School Style chiller from Vassilis Katsikis in LURK

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source Quietearth
You could say this is back to basic old school style chiller many others like myself call it a mindf**k, a pyschological thriller. LURK is directed by Greek filmmaker Vassilis Katsikis   who had a Greek box office hit in 2008 with the documentary CCTV. Now Lurk is his next venture and he has the dream of breaking into English speaking film industry and this has been filmed in his homeland but its all in English! Will this be a sucess in English speaking countries? Im affraid until he has well known faces be it the indie movie circuit this will be another miss.
As for the story of the movie its about a woman called anna (Tess Jackon-Spentzos ) whose home is invaded by a mysterious creature which turns her life upside down charming her first and eventually making her turn against her husband and eventually herself.
This trailer could make you go loopy lou trying to decipher what its all about!, trailer after the break....

4 August 2010

Trailer For Yiannis Economidis’s Mahairovgaltis.

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Been quite a year for Greek cinema oversea's with Dogtooth, Blackfield and Attenberg all making their mark overseas through the festival circuit as well as cinematic releases and now we can add another movie Yiannis Economidis’s Mahairovgaltis.
This is actually more cypriot than Greek but there doing something well in the Greek speaking parts of the world and when you watch this trailer at first it comes across as a very obscure trailer like everyone is having staring matches, even the dogs! There's always the annoying music gives th impression of a Arthouse movie, a little bit like a Jim Jamusch movie then about halway through the action kick's in.
It’s the story of Nick, a man who lives in the country; a man who lives for the here and now. When his father dies, he’s urged to leave small town life behind and head to Athens where his uncle offers him food, board and an easy job but Nick's life takes a sharp turn once he arrives in the metropolis.
The movie was released last week in Greece but I wont be surpised 2011 the movie will be doing the international festival circuit around the world.

31 January 2010

Offical Trailer for Greek period movie Mavro livadi (Black Field)

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source QuietEarth
Below is the offical trailer for Greek Movie Mavro livadi (Black Field). This is a very bleak period drama, not from the typical period era we usually see from Greek inspired movies but from a later period of the Ottoman Empire  period when the Turks ruled Greece (1654 period time).
The movie sees a wounded Turkish warrior arriving at all female monastery, heavily wounded who take him in. He gets nursed by a young nun who falls in love with the turkish soldier. The young nun was on a oath of silence and she has a secret she doesnt care sharing with the soldier that she is actually a he, a boy.
Right away this is an "Crying Game" type movie and you would true in saying that.. Visually this movie is very haunting but also visually beautiful. When the Crying game came out in the 1980's seeing a transgender romance would have been very contriversial but now, sexuality not really a big taboo now. Howver it would be curious to see the reaction in other countries to this movie, countries that may not be as opened.

Movie opens February 12th in Greece