11 November 2010

No Crocidile Shoes in this movie just Crocidile heads with trailer For KNIFER

Source TwitchFilm
Not as maniac as Gaspar Noe but just as odd as well as compelling below after the break you'll find the trailer for KNIFER.
This is not exactly a new trailer as I posted this originally in August as Macherovgaltis(Μαχαιροβγάλτης)  but now the trailer has been repackaged with its new English name KNIFER. Thanks to the sucess of Dogtooth, Attenburg around the Film Festival circuit, now Yannis Economides is trying to follow suit and looking at the evidence he should do fairly well. So if you like your movies a mixture of arthouse elegence, weirdness with plenty of drama you should check this one out ....
Niko is an ordinary guy without any ambitions. His father's sudden death brings back his uncle who proposes to live and work together with him and his wife in the suburbs of Athens. Niko accepts his uncle's offer, which consists of protecting two purebred dogs from the hostile neighbours. Driven by envy, lust and anger, Niko merges into a vicious circle of perpetual antagonism, the struggle for power over others and discontent

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