21 November 2010

Teaser Trailer For Chen Daming's WHAT WOMAN WANT Remake starring Andy Lau

Mel Gibson may not be the man of the moment due to his much publicised private life but his old movies attracting a lot of attention and one has been remade in asia. You maybe looking at his movie cv thinking it must be Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, Patriot or even Signs, nope! His foray into romcom in 2000 with Helen Hunt with WHAT WOMAN WANT!!!
Yes folks yes Mel Gibson's romcom has been remade in China with Chinese megastar Andy Lau reprising Gibson's role and Gon Li in Helen Hunt's part. Asia is going through a phase of remaking Hollywood movies with a Japanese version of Ghost already been made and a few others on the cards as well. The whole thing with these Hollywood  remakes is all down to a recent deal  which see several big named movies getting a asian makeover but I dont blame the asian film market for trying as hollywood has been for years destroying many fantastic asian/world  cinema movies with mediocre version.

So above is the first trailer and the movie will be released in China on February 14th, 2011.

Fred Wang (Andy Lau) is the top gun of the leading ad agency has his mind fixed on promotion to creative director. When the post was given to a new colleague Ellen, Fred is given an assignment to prove himself - pitch for a women's hygiene product. While brainstorming Fred met with an accident at home. He wakes up to discover his new gift - the ability to hear women's thoughts. The chauvinist suddenly becomes the expert on women psychology.

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