31 December 2010

The First Trailer for Kar Wai Wong's THE GRANDMASTERS (Yut doi jung si)

When you sometimes talk to so called 'movie fans' about world cinema I just love the reaction they give, its all the same, the yawning expression, not interested, why? "Its Boring " "why?, its in subtitles!". What they meant there lazy and will only watch it when its either dubbed or be destroyed by a mediocre hollywood remake. I admit for a few years I was like that but now ive opened my eyes and I see some wonderfull movies so diverse in styles, decents stories,etc...
Today I clocked the new teaser trailer for Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmasters and going by what we see in this teaser trailer its fuel for those foreign movie haters. Okay that maybe a tad niave as this movie isnt even out in its homeland China yet (February 2011 according to Imdb), so it is expected to be in its native language only. When a Wong Kar Wai movie is coming out you tend to take notice of it, but he seems to let himself down a bit with his heavy handing of lengthy  post productions and endless reliance on orchastrated set pieces. If youlove calligraphy you like this trailer as its all in traditional style Chinese writing but dont expect any any looks at what the movie has to offer as theres none at the moment.
 Like the source of this post I agree dont be surprise if this appears at Cannes!
Trailer after the break....

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