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14 October 2013

Behind The Candelabra DVD Review

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BD/DVD Release Date:
14th October 2013 (UK)
Steven Soderbergh
Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Dan Akroyd, Scott Bakula, Rob Lowe,Debbie Reynolds
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For his last big screen outing, Steven Soderbergh delivers us something totally unexpected. A gloriously camp, hedonistic biopic of one of the world’s most famous performers, Liberace (Michael Douglas). The man who sued the Daily Mirror for libel and won. Columnist William Connor had called him

‘…the summit of sex - the pinnacle of masculine, feminine and neuter. Everything that he, she and it could ever want… a deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love’. Well, quite.

Soderbergh charts the homosexuality, excesses and superficial splendour that punctuated Liberace’s life and loves. Based on the memoir of jilted lover Scott Thorson (here played by a spectacularly buff Matt Damon), Behind the Candelabra is actually an insightful tale into the love story between Thorson and Liberace. Thorson goes from being young, starstruck and seduced, to live in lover to yesterday’s news as he is eventually replaced by a younger model. Their journey is both touching and witty as it navigates the pitfalls of love in the shadow of stardom and the hunger for youth and beauty.

Though Damon is excellent as always it is Douglas who steals show, giving an unselfconscious performance that treads the line perfectly between camp, kitsch and charming. Evoking sympathy for his character is no mean feat and Douglas is clearly loving being back in front of the camera. There’s also a deliciously sleazy cameo from Rob Lowe as a lizard featured plastic surgeon who attempts to create Thorson in Liberace’s image.

It really is damning to the film industry that such a well written script with Soderbergh, Damon and Douglas attached could not attract the backing of a major studio and was left to HBO to pick up - denying it eligibility for the Academy Awards. Douglas though, did walk away with a much deserved Emmy.


Vikki Myerscough

2 September 2012

Win Studiocanal's CloClo On DVD

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A musical icon, an incredible story. His masterpiece will live forever, that legend is Claude Francois better known to his fans as CloClo. Tomorrow 3rd September, Studiocanal will release CloClo on DVD, Bluray and to celebrate the release we have 3 copies of the film on DVD to be won!

While England was rocked by The Beatles, France was going crazy for Claude François, aka CLOCLO. Directed by Florent-Emilio Siri (Hostage) and written by Julien Rappeneau (Burma Conspiracy, 36) CLOCLO is, in the vein of La Vie en Rose, a powerful biopic of one of the most famous French singers.

Starring Jérémie Renier (In Bruges, Potiche) CLOCLO draws the portrait of a complex character who became a legend in his country and reached international fame with his famous song Comme D’Habitude adapted as My Way by Frank Sinatra.

The destiny of Claude François, who died at the age of 39, continues to fascinate fans more than 30 years later. He was a much-loved star and shrewd businessman, great showman and marketing magician, hit machine and magazine publisher, but also family man and ladies’ man.

CLOCLO is the fascinating story of a man whose ambition drove him straight to the top, but ultimately led him to a tragic end.

To win this film on DVD we have 3 copies to give away and to win a copy all you have to do is 3 things:

  1. Send us your name, address and postcode only to 
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  3. Answer to 5+6 (include in email too)

Deadline for contest is Sunday 23rd September 2012 (2359hrs)

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
  • This prize is non transferable.
  • No cash alternatives apply.
  • UK & Irish entries only
    The Peoples Movies, Cinehouse and Studiocanal  have the right to alter, delay or cancel this competition without any notice
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  • This competition is promoted on behalf of Studiocanal.
  • If this prize becomes unavailable we have the right to offer an alternative prize instead.
  • The Prize is to win Cloclo on 3 DVDs
  • To enter this competition you must send in your answer, name, address only, Deadline September 23rd, 2012 (2359hrs)
  • Will only accept entries sent to the correct email (, any other entry via any other email will be void.
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31 December 2010

The First Trailer for Kar Wai Wong's THE GRANDMASTERS (Yut doi jung si)

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When you sometimes talk to so called 'movie fans' about world cinema I just love the reaction they give, its all the same, the yawning expression, not interested, why? "Its Boring " "why?, its in subtitles!". What they meant there lazy and will only watch it when its either dubbed or be destroyed by a mediocre hollywood remake. I admit for a few years I was like that but now ive opened my eyes and I see some wonderfull movies so diverse in styles, decents stories,etc...
Today I clocked the new teaser trailer for Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmasters and going by what we see in this teaser trailer its fuel for those foreign movie haters. Okay that maybe a tad niave as this movie isnt even out in its homeland China yet (February 2011 according to Imdb), so it is expected to be in its native language only. When a Wong Kar Wai movie is coming out you tend to take notice of it, but he seems to let himself down a bit with his heavy handing of lengthy  post productions and endless reliance on orchastrated set pieces. If youlove calligraphy you like this trailer as its all in traditional style Chinese writing but dont expect any any looks at what the movie has to offer as theres none at the moment.
 Like the source of this post I agree dont be surprise if this appears at Cannes!
Trailer after the break....

7 November 2010

Trailer For Mamoru Hoshi's Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari

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Here's a nice weepie for Saturday night and its taken a while for this trailer to be released according to the source, this is the trailer for Mamoru Hoshi's Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari (1,778 Stories of Me and My Wife).
The movie is based on Japanese Sacience Fiction writer Taku Mayumura whose wife sadly died of colon cancer back in 2002 and he was told by a doctor laughing would help with the imune system. Using his talent to write Mayumura wrote at least 3 pages of stories a day and read them to his fatally ill wife. It was first thought she would only live 1 year but she ended up living 5 more years and the writer ended up writing 1,778 stories in total during her ill-health.
According to imdb this movie is set for a January 25th 2011 release in Japan, the movie stars Yûko Takeuchi & Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, trailer after the break....

31 August 2010

4 August 2010

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky: Interview with Anna Mouglalis & Mads Mikkelsen

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 source Empire
This Friday in UK (28TH September USA)The movie Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky will be released.Its a visually stunning which focuses on the illict affair between fashion designer Coco Chanel and Ogor Stravinksy during 1920's France. The pair are played by actors Anna Mouglalis and Mads Mikkleson and Empire Magazine recently caught up with the pair for a short chat about the movie and you can check out the interview along with the trailer for the movie after the break....