8 January 2011

Slapstick divorce in Christian Madsens SUPERCLASICO Trailer

source Twitch

If you ever wanted to make a movie out of a emotional situation one thats not easy to create theres not many firlm directors out there able to do the task. One of the filmmakes able to achieve that emotional level is Christian Madsen(Flame and Citroen) with his latest offering SUPERCLASICO we get to see the emotions of a man who heads off to Argentina to start proceedings of a divorce. He heads there with his son only to find that his ex-wife is having it off with a footballer and his chances of winning back his wife get harder. Not Madsens usual self but if you love slapstick style comedy this maybe one you should check out.
Anna has moved to Buenos Aires to live out her dream of being a sports agent and ends up falling for Argentina's biggest football star. Instead of mailing the divorcee papers, her husband Christian flies out with his dysfunctional teenage son to deliver them in person, all the while secretly hoping to win back his wife and his life...

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