9 January 2011

Blade Runner Goes Arthouse in ZENITH

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I adore those movies that want to be slightly different or even pay homage to a classic story for example this movie ZENITH a new movie which is inspired by Blade Runner. The movie is a low budget creation which takes the elements from Phillip K Dick's classic story mashes up with with old school stylings to bring you a Arthouse retro steam-punk movie according to the poster its a "film they dont want you to see - The Conspiracy behind it all" . Mmmm?! You can assume there's something in it or the creator s would like us to beleive theres something in the movie 'the government' doesnt want us to see, I think we can say its just a tagline to work on its bleak dystopian future setting!
I dont have any word if Zenith will actually get any release in UK or Ireland but the movie will be going on VOD from Netflix between Feburary 1st until March 31st. Check out the 2011 trailer after the break....
Zenith is a retro-futuristic steam-punk thriller, about two men in two time periods, whose search for the same grand conspiracy leads them to question their own humanity.

Starting from a fictional recreation of Stanley Milgram's Obedience to Authority experiment, Zenith plunges into exploring multifaceted dimensions of the human experience. The film follows two parallel stories - of father and son - now, and 40 years into the future. Searching for the same elusive conspiracy, both father and son find no answers; instead, their journeys unravel their lives and force them to look deep and hard at themselves and their surroundings. In the end, they are both confronted with the same Faustian bargain - but each one chooses a very different path.

ZENITH 2011 TRAILER from Surla Films on Vimeo.

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