9 January 2011

Teaser Trailer For Osamu Katayama’s GAKU

Source NipponCinema

A short teaser trailer for  Osamu Katayama’s GAKU has been posted online. The movie is based on Shinichi Ishizuka’s ongoing manga  “Gaku: Minna no Yama” about a experienced mountain climber & rescue team volunteer Sanpo (Shun Oguri) and he gets assigned a newcomer Kumi (Masami Nagasawa) and under his guidance she gains much confidence in her job. During Kumi's time as a rescue volunteer she looses her confidence after shes unable to rescue a real life victim but a blizzard jhits the mountain range sparking off a number of accidents forcing Kumi to once again go out on a rescue mission.

People always criticise Japanese comicbooks (manga) of just been crap full of perverts and giant robots but Gaku is another piece of the evidence of how diverse there comic books are , instead of the one dimensional pathetic right wing trash of british media who just want you to believe its all porn.

GAKU will be released in Japan 7th May, check out the teaser after the break....

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