25 January 2011

Watch The Trailer For Anglo American-Korean movie LAST AUTUMN

The trailer For LAST AUTUMN a Anglo American-Korean movie about to Asians, one Chinese the other Korean set in Seatttle, USA. the woman (Tang Wei) is a prisoner for killing her husband is let out to attend her mothers funeraland on the bus she meets a man from Korea ( Hyeon Bin) a money countefeiter strike a bond and eventually embark on a 3day affair realising they have something in common apart from there dark pasts.
The movie made its World Premiere at last years Toronto Film Festival and will make its European debut at next months Berlin Film Festival as well as its cinematic release in South Korea on February 17th. The movie is a remake of the 1966 movie Man Chu (Late Autumn) byMan-hui Lee
with the new version directed by Tae-Yong Kim who last had international sucess in 2006 with Family Ties and with this movie been a joint venture with America theres a good chance this movie will have international success as well.

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