20 February 2011

Berlin Film Festival's Jan Schomburg’s ABOVE US ONLY SKY (ÜBER UNS DAS ALL) Trailer

Jan Schomburg’s ABOVE US ONLY SKY (ÜBER UNS DAS ALL) a movie that was selected as part of this years Berlin Film Festival Panorama section trailer has appeared online.

The film stars  Sandra Hüller as Martha, a happywoman in a good  relationship with a man she loves, knows and trusts. Or so she thinks because when a the police come knocking at her door with tragic  news, she comes to realize that the man she thought she knew was actually a  stranger. Reading the source of this post it seems the trailer only seems to repersent one side of the movie and anyone expecting a straight up romance movie maybe dissapointed. Not alot is revealed as it seems the story maybe that type of story you cant really tell alot or you'll end up giving too much away.


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