11 February 2011

The Return of Action NANANANANANANAANANNANA! The best action/martial arts movies you'll ever see!

This is it Boys and Girls the return of the best ever action / martials movie you'll ever see and should be for your consideration for the Oscars in Best film, special effects! Its the return of Action NANANANANANANAANANNANA!!!! Its the follow up to Uganda's finest ever movie Who Killed Captain Alex with THE RETURN OF UNCLE BENON.
The first movie was the inspiration to The Expendables, even Sly Stallone tried to get a role in his movie but he was refused for not been crap enough, James Cameron wanted to make it a 3D movie he was told No as it would make them look good, even Michael Bay, Ridley & Tony Scott, Matthew Vaughn, Martin Scorsese, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan all tried and failed!.
Serious note Ramon Productions Uganda's finest film studio returns with 2 new movie The Return of Uncle Benon and Rescue Team and in the first trailer check how many times the voiceover says Action pack movie, Uganda's finest and ring that number at the end and get your copy yow!
Be prepared to be blown away and maybe you'll need clean underwear after you watch these gems!

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