20 March 2011

The one Musical You want The cast of Glee, High School Musical and any other

I really do despise those Musical movies, tv shows like Glee, High School Musical perfect examples of the establishment trying mold your musical tastes into a generic manufactured sound destroying creativity.  Get all the kids brainwashed into singing and dancing like the cast, may as well get Barney The dancing annoying dinosaur too!If your like me dont like the sight of glee here's one musical you would love them to be in SUDDEN DEATH.
The comedy musical is set in Los Angeles where a virus has broken out known as Sudden Death Syndrome, a disease that causes its victim to die suddenly and has only one symptom... spontaneously breaking into well-choreographed song and dance.The movie is ony a short created by Adam Hall  and it does look like it has some funny moments but its the same old story possibly here, it may not keep the momentum running, anyway the trailer is worth a look.


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