29 March 2011

Watch The Brilliant First Trailer For Eddie Alcazar's 0000

Its good to be different and thats exactly what Eddie Alcazar is trying to do in 0000. Its great going to strange new planets, meet new species and in Star Trek words boldly go where no man has gone before, we love science fiction but its times to be brave trying something new like 0000.
Okay it may give you a few WTF is going on here moments, yes it experimental plus uses the budget to the maximum, science fiction is discovery but will people understand what he's trying to do or just get lost in the motions? Check out the proper first trailer and the first thing that comes to mind is Aphex Twins Daddy video mashed up with Soundgarden's Spoonman!

The mind of one man will galvanize a global revolution. His technology will birth a new era of human existence and social connection, but this great gift is rooted in dark tragedy. If he is to survive, he will need the help of many, and if we are to survive, our awareness must grow.


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