29 April 2011

First Teaser Trailer Katsuhito Ishii’s SMUGGLER

Katsuhito Ishii is regarded as a bit of an eccentric filmmaker not just in his homeland but also worldwide, the filmmaker that brought us The Taste Of Tea, Funky Forest and My Darling of The Mountains returns from a 3 year Hiatus with SMUGGLER

The movie is based on the Shohei Manabe manga series of the same name in what is probably the directors most commerical movie to date of a failed actor who is forced into smuggling for the local Yakuza to pay off his debts. Full of Ishii's signature touches and Im sure Warner Bros Japan probably were n't 100% backing the filmmaker but who cares!

Smuggler will be released in Japan October 22nd check out the new trailer teaser below.

After his acting career fails, Kinuta is left drifting and disconnected. When a confrontation in an arcade turns bad, he ends up in debt. To earn the money, he takes a job with Jo, cleaning up murder scenes. To his surprise, he makes friends with Jo, but the cruelty of the underworld in which they work shocks him--and inevitably challenges him to find the strength to take a different path.

sourceNipponCinema / Twitch

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