29 April 2011

Watch The Impressive Sci-Fi Short AIRLOCKED

If your aspirations are to become a filmmaker you will know you'll have to start at the bottom and work your way up hoping one of your movies is the break you need. When you start at the bottom as the expression goes "Beggers cant be choosers" so really alot of your movies you will have next to nothing to make it so you cant be selfish at what ever your offered.
lets say you were offered £800 to make a movie do you think you can make a great looking film? Lets meet Stuart Sinclair & Roman Rappak  they only had £800 budget and they made AIRLOCKED  a 8 minute sci-fi short film and first impressions is impressive!Airlocked tells the story of a man trapped in space for over 16 years and you can see a big 2001 influence in the movie

 Need inspiration just watch this, you can make stunning films with no money! Check out the full movie below.

AIRLOCKED from Stuart Sinclair on Vimeo.


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