20 May 2011

3 New Clips for JULIA'S EYES (Los Ojos De Julia)

Today in UK & Ireland Guillermo Del Toro produced Spanish chiller JULIA'S EYES (Los Ojos De Julia) arrived in cinema's thanks to Optimum Releasing. In the past 10 years or so Spain has set the benchmarks for truely entertaining but scary Horror (Asia doing the same for the revenge movie) movies and 10 years ago actually having a world cinema movie or even trailer previewing with Hollywood was unheard of, you would have to go to Arthouse cinema's but now its not unusal.

What makes Julia's Eyes real scary is the fact the movies lead Julia (played by Belen Rueda) suffers the same blindness as her sister as she searches for the person she believes is her sister's killer!After the [REC] movies the next spinechiller of a horror is The Orphanage so if your look for stylish scary fun check out JULIA'S EYES!

To promote today's release Optimum Releasing have sent us 3 clips from the movie for you to enjoy and tomorrow look out for 3 video interviews with the director Guillerm Morales, Producer Guillermo Del Toro and the movies lead star Belen Rueda.

Julia (Belén Rueda), a woman suffering from degenerative sight disease, finds her twin sister Sara, who has already gone blind as a result of the same disease, hanged in the basement of her house. In spite of the fact that everything points to suicide, Julia decides to investigate what she intuitively feels is a murder case, entering a dark world that seems to hide a mysterious presence.?

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